Social Media Advertising, Marketing and Vlog Services

FitFab partners closely with its parent company, ScreenBox Pte Ltd, a social media content creator and media production house to provide social media advertising services as well as video productions such as Vlogs, health awareness campaigns, health event coverage and product reviews. 

Photos courtesy of ScreenBox Pte Ltd.


LIVE CHAT bersama Haslinda Ali

In addition, FitFab has its own LIVE show from Facebook LIVE bi-monthly in which it features topics on health, food, fitness and wellness. The one-hour LIVE show streams directly from Haslinda Ali FitFab Facebook page and garners high response and viewership.

Clients and corporates who are interested in advertising spot and sponsors during the show are welcomed. 


Social Media Advertising: A Powerful Platform

On top of FitFab's social media platform, we also extend our services to other Facebook pages under ScreenBox.

Info courtesy of ScreenBox Pte Ltd.


FitFab Media Services

FitFab extends its services as follows:

- Health events coverage 

- Facebook LIVE segment on Live Chat bersama Haslinda Ali 

- Cooking Demonstration Video production (as shown below)

- Vlogs

- Street Interviews

- Health Awareness Campaigns Video Production

- Public Service messaging

- Health Product's Review

- Sharing of health videos across Social Media platforms

- Advertising spots on Live Chat bersama Haslinda Ali and Selamat Malam dari Wisma Geylang



For any enquiries, we are more than happy to help! Contact us at:

Raihan Yacob
Business Development Manager, FitFab
Tel: +65 6324 2463
Email: Raihan@haslindaalifitfab.com
Haslinda Ali
Founder, FitFab
Tel: +65 6324 2463
Email: Haslinda@screenbox.com.sg

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