About FitFab By Haslinda Ali

Photo: Haslinda Ali, Founder of FitFab and Director of ScreenBox (parent company of FitFab)

Fitness Qualifications 

  • 2017 > Federation of International Sports Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) – Certified Personal Trainer                 
  • 2017 > GFIT! – Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • 2017 > TRX Group Training Course : Qualified Instructor
  • 2017 > TRX Functional Training Course : Qualified Instructor


FitFab by Haslinda Ali is Singapore's leading Muslimah Fitness and Wellness movement, founded by Haslinda Ali, a celebrity and social media icon. FitFab has more than 13 zones of Fitness and Nutrition programmes running across Singapore on a weekly basis. Haslinda Ali has more than 20 years of Television experience in producing, writing and researching and still remains as the Director of Screenbox (a media production and social media content creator company that she and her husband built in 2000 and the parent company of FitFab by Haslinda Ali)
Her Journey into The Health and Fitness Industry

After the birth of her three daughters, her focus and attention centered around them. Haslinda is determined to be a hands-on mum but juggling her roles and managing her time has never been more crucial.

With the birth of each daughter, Haslinda reflected, reviewed and re-organized her life’s priorities, her roles and most importantly her health. With the need for MORE time, MORE energy and MORE efficiency, Haslinda’s true test of patience, efficiency and hard work came in the form of her three angels. Trying to find a balance between family and career was a struggle. However, things became clearer after the birth of her second daughter Qasrina.

At 36 years old, and with 22kg excess baggage on her body, always tired and stressed out, Haslinda decided to take stock of her life and review her priorities. She chose Health and Family as her top 2 priorities and arranged her daily schedule around these 2 elements.

The result – a happier, confident and more hands-on and fun mum after getting her health back on track. In 2006, Haslinda was appointed to represent Active Women in Sports by Sports Council. Her role was to inspire and represent women in their 30s who are juggling family and career, and who manage to keep active and healthy. The following year she was Singapore Heart Foundation’s Ambassador for Healthy Heart. Both experiences made her realised the importance of influencers supporting and speaking up for a cause they truly believe in.

The Birth of FitFab

Haslinda set up a public Facebook profile to reach out to her fans and working mummies and share her secrets to staying slim and healthy. She found this was especially important for the Malay/Muslim community. In 2012, she re-named it Haslinda Ali FITFAB, to incorporate a strong branding in line with her sense of mission. To date, she has gained over 19,230 followers and has received a lot of support in her sharing of healthy recipes and her workout regime. Her aim is to show the Malay community that keeping fit and fabulous need not be a chore but a lifestyle choice that will allow for a better and more fulfilling life.=

FITFAB is now stronger than ever. With more than 7 zones running across Singapore weekly, 6 Coaches under her belt and countless of successful weight-loss clients, FitFab continues to flourish and prosper under their FIVE main tenets - Fitness, Food, Fashion, Faith, Friends & Family.

FitFab by Haslinda Ali extends its services in the following aspects:

  • Apparels and Merchandises
  • Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Cooking Classes
  • Motivational Talks
  • Corporate Nutrition Programmes
  • Corporate Fitness Classes and Seminars
  • Corporate Wellness & Active Travel Packages
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Advertising and Marketing on FitFab Social Media
  • Health and Wellness Video Production 
  • Vlogs, LIVE Shows and Short Films