Small Group Training (SGT) Package


Small Group Training (SGT) is a personal training programme conducted in a group setting of four participants. Similar to personal training (PT), SGT comprises of strengthening exercises (isolation and compound) that targets major and minor muscle groups for effective fat-loss and muscle building/toning. SGT is conducted outdoors under shaded areas and equipments will be provided during session. Most importantly, your Coaches will monitor the three essential elements of Strength training - Posture, Technique and Engagement of muscles. 

Why strength training? 

As we age, our muscles starts to deteriorate. It is estimated that we lose up to 30% - 50% of muscle mass as we reach the age of 80 (McCromick and Vasilaki, 2018). Loss of muscle mass increases the risk of bone fracture and poor physical posture. Strength training has been shown to reduce or minimize the negative consequences of sarcopenia.

A study by Wescott, WL (2012) shows that strength training assist in: 

- Management of type 2 diabetes

- Decreasing visceral fat

- Enhance cardiovascular health

- Promote bone development

Why Small Group Training?

Why not have fun with a group of friends!? If you find one-to-one PT too intimidating or you prefer outdoors, SGT is the most suitable program. You get to motivate each other and track each other progress time to time. In addition, you receive PT services at group rates.


A package of 4-sessions is $140

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