Exclusive Fitfab Gymwear - Customised for Style and Sopan

Alhamdulillah this is the soft launch of my Exclusive FITFAB Gymwear as I call it but of course these driFit tops can be used for Zumba, outdoor workout, running, marathons and even for R&R. The idea to launch this line of gym wear came about few months ago, as I myself went in search of gymwear that can cover my butt and upper thighs. Even brands like Adidas and Nike do not carry such cuts.Most of their long sleeved versions are short. It was frustrating. However I turned my frustration into an idea to create my own line of exercise tops. And so I present to you the customised cuts , EXCLUSIVE to FITFAB - the Ladies Cut and the Muslimah Crop. Y


ou cannot find these cuts anywhere else and they ARE one of a kind. Henceforth, my supplier created 3 prototypes with my creative direction and requirements. With the prototypes, I can wear them myself and " test drive". The cuts, length, and darts are all placed strategically to ensure the whole look is SOPAN. For those who are more conservative , I have retained the A CUT version . All cuts have short and long sleeve versions and round neck and collar version EXCEPT for Muslimah A CUT, there is no collar version. This is created by me for me and you !

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