BABYPINK Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer

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Singapore's First Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer, The Next Generation of Waist Trainer designed with air holes to increase air circulation into your midsection to let your skin to breathe and prevent skin irritations while sculpting your waist and supporting your back.


  • Daily wear
  • Supports your fitness progress
  • Helps with postpartum recovery
  • Women with hanging belly 


  • Anti-Roll
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Defined hourglass fabric cutting
  • Thin fabric (1mm), does not restrict your movements
  • Shorter sides to prevent fabric and steelbones from poking your bust and thighs
  • Designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable in humid weather


  • Sculpt, shape and firm your midsection
  • Posture support and relieves back pain
  • Eases period cramps, supports pelvic floor
  • Postnatal treatment to help your body heals quicker
  • Relieves bloating and stomach wind
  • Improve stability and mobility for overweight women during workout as your core muscles and excess fats are being supported


  • The Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainers are designed with sides shorter by 2 inches than the front length to prevent the fabric and steelbones from poking into your bust and thighs while you're seated, cycling or doing exercises

Size XS - XL

Front Length: 11 inches, Sides: 9 inches

  • provides full coverage for abdomen for women with shorter or average torso length

Size 2XL - 6XL

Front Length: 12 inches, Sides: 9 inches

  • designed with longer front to provide full coverage for women with size XL - 6XL

This is an exclusive partnership FITFAB X Sugar Shapewear to help you find the balance between fitness and wellness.