UchiCook Steam Grill


A new type of roaster that steams and grills Choose the method that matches your meal

If you love good broiled meats and seafood, but you don’t like the smell and smoke that comes with it, or maybe you just find clean-up troublesome, the Uchicook is for you. It cooks food in a new, deliciously unique way, keeping it enveloped in steam while simultaneously draining off excess fat so that the food is cooked . The result is food that is moist and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. You can use it just like a frying pan to cook scrumptious, healthy meals.

UchiCook's Steam Grill steams and grills food at the same time, which prevents essential nutrients from being stripped during the cooking process and shortens cooking time. It can be used over direct flame, induction cooker or any other source of high-heat. The high quality Japan-made surface is non-stick and easy to clean. The glass cover allows for a clear view of the contents.

Made in Japan.

Normal Red (UCS15-RD): $165

Normal Black (USC15-BK): $165

Glass Lid Red (UCS16-RD): $178

Glass Lid Black (UCS16-BK): $178

Stainless Steel (1738) : $215

**Delivery charge $5.50